Here are the top five tips to help you achieve your fundraising goals:

1. Personalise your fundraising page. Fundraisers who upload a personal photo or video to their page raise more money that those who don’t.

2. Tell EVERYONE you know that you are fighting for justice and that you need their support. It is important to persevere and be relentless in your drive to seek donations. Most people will be happy to support you – all you have to do is ask. Don’t just limit it to the people you see all the time – ask your hairdresser, your drycleaner, your barista, etc.

3. Send an email, SMS or facebook message to all your contacts. Here is an example email template that you might like to use:

Dear [enter name]

As you may or may not be aware, [enter details of your current legal issue or cause]. At this stage I am unable to afford to take action to protect what I believe in. I believe everyone should get their chance to stand up for themselves and seek justice. So, I am raising money to help fight for my legal rights. Your generous donation will provide much needed civil legal assistance .

I would greatly appreciate your generous support.

To sponsor me just follow this link [insert link to your personalised fundraising page].

Many thanks in anticipation.
[enter name]

4. Keep everyone updated and don’t give up. Keep your supporters and friends updated with your progress. You can do this by making regular updates on your lawfunder campaign page as well as more general updates to your immediate network.An example facebook status update may be:

I am looking for people to help show that David really can stand up to Goliath in my fight for justice. All funds raised will help [enter details of your current legal issue or cause]. To sponsor me just follow this link [insert link to your personalised fundraising page]. Thank you

5. Put the “fun” in fundraising. Whilst we realise going through a legal battle is never a fun process, think of ways to reward the people who support you. This can be a great way to make a real impact on your fundraising goals. An example may be to offer tangible raffle tickets in your lawfunder campaign exchange for donations. Or take fundraising offline and organise a bake stall at work – sell cupcakes in exchange for donations. People generally don’t mind paying more for these kind of sweets when they know it’s going towards a good cause!


We post crowdfunding campaigns for those who need help affording legal representation yet do not qualify for legal aid. We also work with Australian Community Legal Centres to provide free legal crowdfunding advice.