Lawfunder’s double-bottom-line website provides:

  1. A crowfunding platform for socially important cases that rely on donations of the general public.
  2. A crowdfundinginvesting platform to fund plaintiff litigation which pays a return at the settlement of the case.

In both instances, a power imbalance is often the reason why someone with a valid case may not be able to pursue their basic legal rights.

We will always back David over Goliath – is your slingshot.

What is the current problem with accessing justice?

Justice is too often denied to victims who have meritorious claims but cannot afford to pay a lawyer. When a lawyer does agree to represent a plaintiff, it is on a contingency fee basis, which means that the lawyer self-finances the costs of litigation. Most good plaintiff lawyers will have dozens or hundreds of lawsuits pending at any one time, which means that they are self-financing the costs of numerous lawsuits at any given time. The lawyer is pressured to settle for much less than the victim deserves and could recover in a well-funded, all-out litigation.

For cases that might have significant impact on public policy, even advocacy organisations cannot take on the bulk of cases because they are all strapped for donations and their limited referral to pro bono firms cannot meet the demand. More often than not plaintiff lawyers can’t afford to take the cases or are out spent and out muscled by powerful defence interests which can simply get away with bad conduct because of their financial resources.

Alternatively, you may need to seek a litigation loan which can have hefty interest rates and repayment terms.

How can this be solved? corrects the balance of this unequal justice system by crowdsourcing capital. This can be from the public or accredited investors. Investors are continually seeking new and lucrative investment opportunities, and having your case listed as an option on lawfunder provides them with an important social profit return possibility.

By providing both capital and a voice through our platform, we let the world know about important and valuable cases and causes. Whether motivated by financial incentives or concerns about the issue and plaintiff, everyone can help in the same way by investing in the fight for justice.

The financial and engaged power of the public at large can finally level the playing field. Everyone can see the world of litigation around them in the form of actual live cases, see who has been wronged, and see what costs have to be met.


We post crowdfunding campaigns for those who need help affording legal representation yet do not qualify for legal aid. We also work with Australian Community Legal Centres to provide free legal crowdfunding advice.