What is Crowfunding?

There are a variety of models and purposes of crowdfunding. For an easy explanation on how the three main models work click the explainer infographic below:



How else can crowdfunding be used for social good?

Crowdfunding for Social Good is both practical and inspiring, featuring the stories of real people who have successfully raised big money using crowdfunding and practical advice to help you do the same. Crowdfunding is the newest way for nonprofits and social entrepreneurs to raise money for their causes, projects and companies.

512EYRCMDKL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_By reading this book, you can join the thousands who have successfully raised money to change the world. Learn how to organize your friends, colleagues and volunteers to help you raise big money. Gain insight into creating a video that will help you spread your message via social media. Read how to “start before you start” so you can have 30% of your goal raised before you even launch your crowdfunding campaign. If the only thing preventing you from changing the world is the money you need to do it, you are out of excuses.

You can raise the money you need to leave your mark on the world with Crowdfunding for Social Good.


We post crowdfunding campaigns for those who need help affording legal representation yet do not qualify for legal aid. We also work with Australian Community Legal Centres to provide free legal crowdfunding advice.