Important Announcement!

The team at LawFunder is proud and excited to announce that we have secured a strategic alliance with the Queensland Association of Independent Legal Services, the body responsible for representing community legal centres (CLCs) in Queensland.  QAILS operates as a collective voice for its 33 member CLCs and regularly advocates on their behalf.  QAILS, CLCs and LawFunder share a common goal: to improve access to justice and to secure justice for disadvantaged members of our society.

QAILS’ key objectives include:

  • Promoting the development of CLCs;
  • Enhancing communication and cooperation between CLCs;
  • Securing and developing funding for CLCs; and
  • Representing the interests and opinions of members.

QAILS is a gateway through which CLCs will be able to access the LawFunder platform to enhance their services to clients.  The recent funding pressures facing CLCs has been well-documented in the media (view here, here, here, here and here) and LawFunder aims to help address this need by providing a platform upon which CLCs are able to crowdfund in order to supplement their funding budgets.  LawFunder’s services are offered to all registered CLCs without any charge or commission, other than credit card processing fees incurred by Lawfunder.

CLCs will have the liberty to decide whether they utilise LawFunder to create campaigns that assist them in generating much needed funds to help keep their services running or whether they create individual campaigns for individual clients seeking social justice – or both.  This is a mutually beneficial collaboration in which the outcomes are flexible for QAILS and CLCs and one in which they have a degree of autonomy over.  LawFunder gives CLCs the power to enable weekly, monthly or annual subscription payments – or just one off donations.  Campaign donation progress is updated in real time which the public can see immediately after they contribute.   CLCs gain the ability to submit blog articles on the LawFunder website which increases their online presence and provides another platform to share their clients’ stories.

LawFunder will regularly liaise with QAILS and CLCs to demonstrate our commitment to continual improvement and will ask for feedback on our services to find out which features users love and which we could better tailor.  We also have an unwavering commitment to high quality service delivery because LawFunder believes the people of Queensland (and indeed Australia!) deserve the best chance at justice possible.  As LawFunder is in its infancy, there is no more effective way of ironing out minor issues with our service than to listen to the needs and wants of our users.

LawFunder will refer direct enquiries it receives from prospective clients to the most appropriate CLC to assist with their cause.  The reason for this is simple:  we don’t wish to disrupt or detract from the outstanding services CLCs provide on a daily basis.  CLCs will then have the option of helping those clients create campaigns using that CLCs LawFunder account.  Once CLCs create an account with LawFunder, the rest is easy!

LawFunder is eager to put this relationship with QAILS to good use as soon as possible, on the back of our first live campaign which successfully achieved 100% of its goal amount in just 6 days!  We have recently published a case study to explain why the campaign was successful and helpful tips for other CLCs to use.

For further information on QAILS member Community Legal Centres, please see below:  


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