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After years of trying to conceive on our own, we learned that our family was finally going to be completed when we were selected by a birth mother and told our son was to be born at the end of November. We were overcome with joy and excitement and spent the next 3 months building a relationship with the birth mother and preparing for our son's arrival. We had the special experience of being in the hospital room for his birth and Brian even cut the cord. As all new parents, we have spent the last 5 months bonding with our son, learning to cope with very little sleep and have loved every minute of the journey. Our son is the most perfect, happy, loving little boy and brings so much joy into our lives.

Sadly, and very unexpectedly, the adoption is being challenged by a potential birth father who has not been involved throughout the process. We have found ourselves in court numerous times and in multiple states, which has involved hiring several attorneys. As of today, the final outcome has yet to be determined and we have found ourselves with mounting legal expenses, which have already exceeded $20,000.

After spending upwards of $50,000 on the actual adoption, we are finding ourselves in financial strain. In the past, we have been hesitant to ask for help beyond prayers and emotional support. However, as we head into an unknown future, it would be helpful to have financial support. Thank you to all of our friends and family for the love and support you have offered us over the past 5 months.

We are so grateful.

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