Emergency Funds for Children and Young People in Crisis

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YAC offers free legal services, youth support and family support assistance and services to young people generally 10 to 18 years (inclusive) particularly those who are involved in, or are at risk of involvement in, the youth justice and/or the child protection systems, and/or are homeless or at risk of homelessness and live in or around the greater Brisbane region.

YAC assists young people with:

  • legal hassles – including being charged with breaking the law or child protection issues.

  • problems at home or school

  • lack of accommodation and/or income

  • being the victim of a crime (including abuse)

  • discrimination issues

  • general hassles

YAC frequently needs funds for cases where a young person will arrive at our centre and we must respond to their needs urgently, whether this be to arrange alternative accommodation, transport costs, fees for programs providing immediate support or an escape from their current situation, or simply sustenance or medical costs. These urgent cases happen on a regular basis and any monies you donate to this fund will go directly to the young people needing our help. YAC takes no commission from donations to this fund and Lawfunder charges no fees (other than merchant's credit card fees).

YAC takes no commission from donations to this fund and Lawfunder.org charges no fees (other than merchant's credit card fees). All funds you donate go directly to the young people needing urgent assistance.


- $40 contributes to an hour for our Youth Support workers to help a young person work through their crisis

- $55 contributes to a lawyer being in court to represent a young person who is isolated from their family and alone

- $150 can help YAC deliver its training package to a youth worker in a regional area, so that they’re better able to support young people in contact with the youth justice and child protection systems

At YAC we believe that young people in trouble with the law are not “bad kids”. We know that it is much more complex than that – from our own experience and from the wealth of research about young offenders. We know that young people entrenched in the criminal justice system often have significant social, welfare and relationship problems. And we believe that positive intervention while people are still young can help transform lives, for the good of the whole community.

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