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Whilst our team is filled with tech savvy individuals, we require funding in order to complete and better our website for the public.

We need your help to continue to innovate this new means of access to justice. Click here to learn more about who we are, what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Message from We are now looking to community legal centres for a consultative approach on how to design this website to cater for their needs. If you represent a local CLC and want to take part, please contact us.

Tax deductible donation? NO.

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UP AND RUNNING [$100] – When we reach total donations of $100, we will open a limited version of our website to the public whereby anyone seeking to have a crowdfunding campaign listed on can email us and we shall implement it for you. UNLOCKED

WHO NEEDS A CREDIT CARD? [$250] – At $250, we will implement the ability for donations to be paid by PayPal. UNLOCKED

JUSTICE FOR ALL [$500] – When we reach total donations of $500, we will implement the ability for the public to register their own accounts and create their own campaigns. UNLOCKED

LEGAL AID TEAMS [$1000] – At $1,000, we will release the feature for organisations to create an account to manage a suite of campaigns. We will also enable the functionality for Community Legal Centres to be able to receive funds directly to their PayPal account and not need to go through us. UNLOCKED

TO TWO THOUSAND… AND BEYOND [$2000] – At our modest overall goal of $2,000, we will be able to allow 'general' campaign fundraisers with 'no ticking clock' and no 'goal amount'. We will also audit the website and iron out any and all bugs, ensuring it is 100% user friendly and free of advertising. This will provide us with a solid basis for continual improvement over the next 12 months (including the development of a mobile app), as well as a means to raise awareness of the service to the public.

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Is my donation tax deductible?

Unfortunately, no. Not on this occasion. If you would like to contribute to a cause which is tax deductible, please visit one posted by a Community Legal Centre.

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