Help Protect Business against Third Party Litigation Funders (TPLF)

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My name is Mark Morris and I have commenced legal action in the Federal Court of Australia – NSD 494/2017 – against ASX  listed third party litigation funder IMF Bentham and others alleging fraud among other things.

Please open the attached link to read my most recent short affidavit to the court. The allegations and litigation the respondents have for nine years prosecuted against my companies were totally unnecessary as I held guarantees to protect my business after I purchased Asandas from the ANZ Bank.

On three occasions I have represented myself against solicitors and barristers (including now a SC) for the respondents. However I now need professional assistance.

I am requesting your assistance to fund a legal team to represent me which will also set precedent for Australian business.

Assistance may also come from the legal profession itself, regulators, academics, politicians, corporate Australia, directors, insurance companies and the general public.

I need to articulate my case in open court so that businesses large and small are protected from the conduct which I believe IMF Bentham has unfairly levelled against me. I need your assistance now.

I have also made a submission to the Victorian Law commissions inquiry into litigation Funding.

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    D Klinger 
    2 years ago
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    J Luton 
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    S Chard 
    2 years ago
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